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Rapid Dynamics CRM implementation at the Internet Advertising Bureau



The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the UK trade association for digital advertising, representing the UK’s leading brands, media owners and agencies. 


The Challenge

The IAB were looking for a fully featured Dynamics product which could provide all the functionality required by a membership association.  IAB had already appointed Blue Dog Consulting during the initial project to help manage the implementation and enjoyed a successful working relationship which gave them a comprehensive understanding of IAB’s bespoke business needs and objectives.

IAB selected Bluelight CRM whose product and approach allowed for the rapid implementation of a new CRM system.

Rapid Implementation

Bluelight quickly assessed how to minimise overall CRM costs, particularly around licensing, and how to improve current processes with their ready to use product and the latest functionality in Dynamics CRM. Bluelight developed a detailed understanding of IAB’s processes and requirements and were able to produce an incredibly challenging 5 week to Go Live plan. 

The project timeline called for an integrated and highly agile approach with Bluelight coordinating development and internal engagement to ensure deadlines were met. 

Bluelight had a ready to use product which closely matched our requirements and made a very tight deadline much easier to meet.
— Shayan Sacki, Senior Member Services Manager, IAB

The approach

A dedicated Project Team comprising IAB and Bluelight staff was quickly set up to manage the rapid, agile implementation of the new Dynamics CRM. This focused on quickly identifying potential gaps between IAB needs and the standard Bluelight product and where it may require customisation. In addition to the configuration and customisation of the CRM a full data migration and a number of integration elements with third party software were within the scope of the 5-week timeline to Go Live. 

The Bluelight strategy was to help form and engage with a ‘super user’ team, comprising key users from each department across IAB. These ‘Super Users’ were instrumental in disseminating knowledge and helping support user engagement and adoption. The Project was supported by a formal Project Board set up to include senior stakeholders from both Bluelight and IAB. 

The approach allowed for rapid implementation but also ensured the internal structure to enable IAB super users to support colleagues and cement ongoing user adoption.



  • 5-week project period

  • CRM implementation across multiple modules/business areas

  • Full data migration

  • Increased automation

  • Increased functionality

  • Increased user adoption

  • Long term roadmap for ongoing CRM development and support

Bluelight are part of the IAB team and work closely with users and management to help us achieve our CRM objectives.
Our biggest issue going forward is definitely user adoption. Bluelight has put together an ongoing schedule of online workshops and short surgeries to address common user problems and to try and build confidence and ease with the system from within. Our team are flat out for such a lot of the time that diary slots are like gold dust and I was impressed with the creative thinking that Bluelight has applied to try and help us solve our problems.
— Shayan Sacki, Senior Member Services Manager, IAB